Business In Words or Business By Numbers?

Entrepreneurs have strong natural inclinations toward using persuasion as opposed to calculation to convince customers and investors to give them money. This webinar explores why this is, and helps entrepreneurs understand how Finance differs from mere Accounting to help them build the persuasive case they really need.

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How to tell your story!

What is the best way to get and capture an angel investors interest in a deal?  It starts with ensuring the investor understands the business problem you are solving and why you are different and better than existing options today.  Just as important, the entrepreneur needs to build rapport with the investor and tell his/her story in a compelling way.  This webinar will provide examples and ways to tell a compelling story and help make it easier to fund a company.

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Business Model Canvas

A visual representation of the various elements of your Business Model on a Lean Canvas which allows you to:

1. See the relationships among the parts of your model
2. Identify hypothesis, assumptions and risks
3. Plan validation testing (market, channels, pricing)
4. Find ways to add value or reduce cost
5. Brainstorm market disruption strategies

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What makes a wining pitch!

Dissecting the best and worst of the most famous pitch decks and getting down to the essential holy grail. You don't want to miss!

On April 4th Boston University's Questrom School of Business and Innovate@BU will host Barbara Russell in a webinar discussing how to craft a pitch deck that optimizes your chance as a founder to get funded. She is one of the top thought leaders on pitch decks and pitching, having just wrapped up her 22nd pitch competition as a judge since COVID began (all virtual). Barbara has honed her pitch deck and presentation skills as an investment banker, a very active angel investor, an adjunct professor (MIT, Babson, and now, U Mass) focused on early-stage companies - now having seen what she estimates to be a couple thousand pitches!

In this webinar, you will learn the key elements of what goes into a deck, how to present them efficiently, effectively, and eloquently. And then, how to employ storytelling skills to capture the audience’s attention. How to win over VC’s, angels, or other sources of capital that hear pitches ALL DAY LONG. She will also take you through some of the most famous pitch decks ever created (Uber, Coinbase, AirBnB, Tesla, etc.) and dissect them – and be able to point out the good, the bad and THE UGLY!!! What TO DO, and what TO AVOID!

It will be a fun ride. Strap in.

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Position To Win

Deep dive into how to craft a compelling value proposition from the customer's point of view. You don't want to miss!

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Translational Medicine: Innovations and Patents

This webinar focuses on intellectual property management and patentability of inventions in translational medicine.

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